Special opportunity – become a video film star!!!

Within the boundaries of age discrimination, we are looking for a couple of younger people (age’s 20-30 somethings) to play appropriate roles in forthcoming video productions. 

It requires giving up a Friday or Saturday once every four months – we film four videos on a weekend.  At a minimum you will need to be:

  • Passionate about wanting to communicate EMDR to others

  • Willing to engage with the process including commenting on scripts

  • Able to convincingly play one or more of three roles – presenter, client or therapist –.

You do not need to memorise lines as we use a teleprompter, but you will need to be able to read well.  If you are interested let us know on info@emdrgateway.com

The position is unpaid but you will have fun and enjoy lovely food while overlooking one of the most spectacular parts of the ’most beautiful river in the UK’ (Economist, August 31st 2019).

Elwyn DaviesComment