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Make EMDR protocols
work for you.


This month’s free video is:

Targeting trauma held by one part of the personality


What we do?

  • Make short bespoke ‘training’ videos:

    • revealing solutions to common problems that can arise with the standard EMDR protocol 

    • come with written ‘helps’ to download for immediate use

    • low cost subscription and group memberships are available

  • Provide support services to therapists:

    • news

    • events calendar

    • notice board for advertising

    • equipment purchase at discounts 

    • donation opportunities to Trauma Aid

Who we are and how we do it?

  • We are a group of experienced EMDR therapists and Consultants.

    • we talk to therapists to identify problems needing solutions

    • create scripts and written ‘helps’ based on real cases

    • role-play scripts and film these with a professional film-maker

  • New videos are created and added regularly.

  • All videos are accessible via PC, mobile, tablet, on the move, at home or work.

No credit/debit card details required to sign up.



Trauma Aid UK is a charity providing EMDR training to mental health professionals in areas of the world where populations are traumatised by conflict, natural disaster and other mass trauma.


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