The Ethos and Work of Trauma Aid UK

Trauma Aid UK is a charity providing EMDR training to mental health professionals in areas of the world where populations are traumatised by conflict, natural disaster and other mass trauma. 

Our philosophy is “teach others how to fish”. Our goal is for EMDR to be established and sustained by trained clinicians in their own countries or regions creating national and regional EMDR Associations. We work in partnership with public health departments, universities and other charities with an aim of building a body of qualified and experienced professionals who can provide EMDR treatment and in turn train others to become proficient in the use of EMDR to treat the devastating symptoms of trauma. Our projects are therefore long-term.



Currently Trauma Aid UK is working with projects in Bosnia-Hercegovina, which began in 2009. To date over 120 clinicians have been fully EMDR Trained with 8 Accredited Practitioners. The EMDR Association of Bosnia was established in 2014 and its President, Prof Mevludin Hasanovic is and EMDR Accredited Consultant and trainer in training. The first EMDR Bosnia Association Conference took place in 2017.



The Middle East

Ourwork in the Middle East began in 2014 with an EMDR Training held in Istanbul where participants from 8 countries were trained.  Since then, EMDR Training has taken place in Gaziantep, Turkey, Tunisia, Egypt and Jordan.  A total of 130 professionals have been fully trained.  Many of these work with Syrian refugees who have been displaced. This programme is the focus of our work at the moment both in providing CPD for those already trained and training as many as we can to help deal with the massive need in the region for treatment following the mass trauma that has occurred there.  


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