About Us


EMDR Solutions Online Ltd was set up in May 2018 by the Team.  It owns EMDRgateway.com, the website that provides access to all our videos on a subscription basis. The origin of this Company arose out of Sally and Richard’s experience within their large supervision practice.  They found themselves having to explain during Skype conversations with supervisees how to deal with problems they were having in their therapy.  Often this meant scanning or copying documents and sending them to supervisees.  It occurred to them that there had to be a more effective and less time-consuming way of imparting information than this.  Hence the idea of short, highly focused videos demonstrating solutions to specific problems.

Building a team  

Having undertaken research that confirmed the value of the idea, they looked for others who were interested in developing the idea into a viable operation.  Hence our team, whose combined EMDR therapy practice totals some forty years, covers adults, adolescents and children, and a very wide range of mental health issues.

Our purpose 

We have thought long and hard about how to define our purpose.  This is what we have agreed: 

It is not to create shareholder valueAs a social enterprise, it is to maximise the social impact of EMDR therapy by giving affordable access to an expanding library of specially created, high quality videos that demonstrate how to solve problems in EMDR therapy. Our mission ambitions and our financial sustainability are given equal weight. This will benefit everyone: those who provide therapy, supervision, training and equipment, and especially those who receive EMDR therapy.

Partnering with others

Consistent with our purpose is our commitment to partner with Trauma Aid UK, a British charity under the leadership of Sian Morgan, which makes EMDR training and therapy available in some of the most trauma-ridden parts of the world.  

We do this in two ways: first by agreeing to share with the Charity 20% of any pre-tax surplus earned by the Company; second by giving Trauma Aid free access to all videos in our library for use in their overseas training programmes.  So when you subscribe to any of our services you too will benefit Trauma Aid.

Our second partnering is with Ulf Jarisch, Director of EMDR Equipment Europe.  Ulf has provided the Team with a range of his equipment.  We are very glad to be able to demonstrate its use in our videos, and to act as a place where therapists can link directly to the range of available equipment, alongside information on how to purchase it and at an especially favourable price.