emdrgateway Is a finalist for technology and innovation Award


Mid Wales, where we are located is a hive of new company start-ups.

We, along with two other companies are in the ‘final’ so wish us well to win first prize (though we are happy just to get this far - we have only been operating less than a year!). The judges were looking for evidence of:

  • Successful innovation in the business

  • Problem solving skills, research & development

  • commercial relevance and actual or projected success

  • knowledge of how new technology can deliver a competitive advantage

  • A determination to strive for continued success by pushing the boundaries

A short video (30 seconds) has been made by the competition organisers about us and will be posted on our website in due course.

We were surprised and delighted to find ourselves awarded a prize for our use of technology and innovative thinking by the Powys mid Wales business council.
— Richard Worthing-Davies, Director & Co-Founder, EMDR Gateway
Elwyn DaviesComment