EMDR Gateway At Birmingham - Future plans

Having just uploaded the first video on Blocking Beliefs in February, the first child related video will be released this month - March, followed by the second in April which deals with the use of the Absorption Technique. The final Blocking Belief video - where the nature of the belief is hidden - will be available in May.

Close to filming:

Three videos focussing on resources are next: Safe Place, Container and State, and the Light Stream. The fouth video will be Blind to Therapist. Filming takes place in mid April and the first of these videos will be released in June.

Future is…

The Team will be at the National Conference in Birmingham and will be displaying the videos there and will be undertaking some research to find out what subjects are needed and wanted by therapists. If you are going to attend, please look us up - we will have a display area - and tell us what you think.

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